"Lily Oyen is an incredibily talented budding singer and songwriter"

- Tyman Cronin , John Jay Focus

"Her multi-instrumental capacity paired with a love for creative writing, the songstress is able to create powerful lyrics with deep personal meaning"

- Chloe Robinson, Earmilk

Ever since she could walk, Lily Oyen has shown a love for music. At only one-year-old, she would run over to her piano, reach up, and try to play it, despite the instrument towering over her. Now, at eighteen, Lily still shares her passion for music, and she mixes it with her love of arts. While her songs are mainly written on guitar or ukulele, Lily has taught herself to play five instruments, and she wants to learn even more. Her admiration of creative writing has influenced her to write powerful lyrics in her songs. Because she enjoys listening to music she can relate to, Lily writes about her life in a way that others also understand on a personal level. Lily was also lucky enough to perform in the Honors Youth Choir at Carnegie Hall, and be a part of the Future Music Moguls, an NYU program for high school students who wish to pursue music as a career. Other than writing music, Lily loves drawing, painting, photography, and participating in the dramas and musical productions at her school. She constantly sees her life through the eyes of an artist, and reflects that in the music which she writes.